When you have to shoot, shoot

You focus on shooting, we help with the captions.
Caption and send pictures fast from the field on your mobile.

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What is AiCaption?

We built a robot that helps you, photojournalists, write captions in an effortless and error-free way. Use AiCaption to caption and Send your pictures fast from the field on your mobile to the news desk and leave your competition behind

Send Pictures Faster!

You can write captions on your phone then FTP or email your pictures fast, Send pictures quickly from the field on a mobile device, or take your time in the coffee shop. AiCaption takes care of the hassle, so you can waste less time with words and focus on taking photos. you can use your smartphone leave your computer at home!

Picture of user for quote

@AiCaptionLove it!, Automagic photo captions!

@LisaW, Photographer based in Bristol

A screenshot of the software
Take a second to write a caption

100% Safe & Secure

We at AiCaption take security very seriously, we don't save images, so no one can steal them. We learn and the images are immediately deleted.

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Images are sent and deleted, period.

@JackT, San Francisco.

fading out picture to show that we don't save them.
And just like that... it's gone.

Fewer Caption Corrections

The system detects, autocompletes and double checks everything. Less typing, Fewer mistakes.

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Using the system makes me look much more professional!

@AlexD, Nairobi, Kenia

A graphic of a caption correction warning
caption corrections hurt

Connecting Photographers

The system learns from every picture sent, so you can enjoy and contribute to the knowledge of the community.

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No more looking up names in the archive, it's all automatic.

@JackT, San Francisco

graphic of circle connecting users

Product Features

AiCaption gets smarter the more you use it, the system learns from every caption.

Recognize people in images

Animated gif showing face recognition system
AiCaption recognizes the persons in the image.

With AiCaption you don't need to look up correct names and spellings. The system automatically recognizes people in the images and fills in the name and title.

  • Detect faces in an image.
  • Recognize and fill in the correct name and title.
  • Learn for next time if a person doesn't exist.

The system learns from every image. If you upload an image with people that are not recognized, it will learn for future images.

A smart algorithm makes sure that only correct names are attached to faces.

Watch it in action

Autocomplete Fields

Animated gif showing autocomplete example
Autocompleted fields

Less typing means fewer caption corrections. No need to look up names, places.

Anything that was not automatically detected, you can autocomplete from the archive and past captions from everyone.

Names and titles, simple tpyos, and wrong dates. Most caption corrections can easily be avoided.

Caption Styles

Animated gif showing how to change caption styles.
change styles with one click.

Whether you send an archive image or distribute a pool image, It's easy to change caption structures. Choose the correct style from a drop menu and the system takes care of all the custom fields and caption.

Don't Repeat Yourself

Animated gif showing how fields are bind to the caption field
Bind input fields.

Write only once, the system automatically fills in the caption field. So you only write once anything that was not auto-detected and never have to repeat yourself.

Writing captions much faster, less errors, finish quickly.

Send Images from Anywhere

Picture of system on a mobile device.
Send images from anywhere

You can FTP, email, weTransfer, or Download captioned images from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Just log in and file images.

  • FTPs
  • Email
  • Send to Editor*
  • weTransfer
  • Download
  • Share on Facebook

You can leave home that heavy laptop. and beat the competition!

* Editor must have an Editor subscription in AiCaption


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